Passion Remodeling Contractor of Kirkland WA

Our Passion…

As a family owned company, we try every day to be more than just the best Kirkland remodeling company.  The people that choose E & I Services as their contractor are our friends and neighbors, and we are passionate about helping them enhance their homes in the best possible ways.  That is a relationship we take seriously because it gives us the opportunity to be part of a wider community and to give back for the blessings we receive.  Therefore, with each contract we sign, E & I Services will give back a percentage to two charities we are passionate about supporting: Charity: Water and Share our Strength.

Charity: Water @
Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water.  And, for those that are lucky – water is miles away.  Often women and children are left to walk miles and miles each day for a gallon of water that will most likely make them sick.  Yet, we can hop in our car and drive just 5 minutes for a latte and we can walk to a kitchen sink for a cold or hot cup of clean drinking water.  The money donated to Charity Water goes directly to project costs; as little as $20.00 can give one person clean water for 20 years.  With every contract signed, we will donate $100.00 to Charity: Water.

Share our StrengthNo Kids go hungry @
In America – one of the wealthiest countries in the world, more the 17 million kids do not get the food they need for a healthy life.

In some cases, the only hot meal kids receive is what they get at school; on Friday they go home, and their next nutritious meal does not come until Monday.  We get cranky if we do not have a nutritious snack every 3-4 hours so how can we as our kids to learn and grow into healthy productive teens and adults with an empty stomach.  With each contract signed, $100 will go to helping kids in our wonderful USA.

  • $25 will help feed a child three meals in a day for more than a month
  • $50 can help connect two children with nutritious meals for the entire summer
  • $100 – can help provide 25 grocery bags of healthy foods for families at food banks

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