Our Kirkland Remodeling Process

Communication is vital; often the customer makes changes and alterations along the way. We understand that there must be an open line of communication between the customer and the contractor each and every day. That’s the E&I way.

The first step in the Kirkland remodeling process is calling us! Upon scheduling a consultation with E & I Services, we ask that you do your homework! Let us know what you have in mind. A scrap book, a rough sketch of your ideas, pictures of the appliances you like – help us visualize your dream. Together we can make it happen.

Our first meeting is at your home where we can get an idea of the space you are looking at with no obligation to you the homeowner.

First Meeting

  • Come to your home and assess the work to be done
  • Discuss your plans for accomplishing the project
  • Answer any questions that you might have
  • Create a solution best for you
  • Give a cost estimate

If you have enjoyed working with us so far and wish to go ahead with the remodeling project, we will set up a follow-up meeting.

Second meeting

  • Provide you with a price and detail on what is included in the price
  • Explore budget options that work for you
  • Set up a preliminary time table for completion of the project

Once you have approved the contract, everything is then ordered and a definite schedule of the job is agreed upon. There will be a pre-construction meeting at the start of the project where we walk our project manager through the job.

If you are looking for a Kirkland remodeling contractor then please call 425-766-4606.